It's Christmas time at Central Arkansas Escape Rooms! But wait ... Santa's elves are on strike! The sleigh won't fly, and orders are mixed up! Christmas may have to be cancelled, unless ... YOU assemble your own team of elves. Find the secret entrance to Santa's Workshop and GET. TO. WORK! Can you save Christmas!? There's only one way to find out! Book now for a limited Christmas engagement.

The Path

In a land far away, your group of researchers and you have stumbled across a hidden temple of artifacts. Unintentionally, you have awakened an ancient evil that threatens to destroy existence as we know it. Restore the balance between heaven and earth to save the world.

Movie Theater

The local movie theater has the best popcorn that you have ever eaten. You crave it so badly, but the owner will not share the recipe. The owner always brags that he is the only one that knows the secret recipe and that it is locked up tight in his safe. You have concocted an ingenious plan: your friends and you decide to hide in the theater after the last showing, avoid the custoridan, override the security system, and find the recipe. You must escape before security makes their nightly sweep.